The role of the Distributor in the supply chain is to ensure the end user has ready access to the product at a reasonable cost with no minimum order quantity required for purchase. The distributor brings together the ability to stock vast quantities and dispatch in small quantities enabling both the manufacturer and end user to operate effectively and economically.

Rivandell Aviation applies this specifically to aircraft tyres and tubes providing a single source of supply for all makes with an independent viewpoint and providing competitive pricing as a result of our enormous buying power channeled exclusively into tyres and tubes.

This dedication to aircraft tyres and tubes over the past 5 years has been formally recognized by the leading manufacturers in the appointment of Rivandell Aviation as their authorized distributor.

In addition to the distributorships for Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop, Condor and McCreary, Rivandell Aviation also stock a vast range of other makes including Bridgestone, Mitas, Stomil, yaroslavi,Barnaul Tyre and Aero Classic, as well as commercial alternatives used on Homebuilds and Gliders.


General Aviation aircraft

Tyres used on general aviation aircraft are required to perform on a wider range of surfaces than most other aircraft tyres and this had lead to a large number of tyre options designed to accommodate different operator requirements. At present there are no fewer than twelve different tyre varieties all of which are available from Rivandell Aviation.

Whether your requirement is for soft field or asphalt, private use or flight school, Rivandell Aviation can provide the right tyre at the right price.

With such a wide range of tyres available choosing the right tyre can be difficult. Tyre design varies to provide a total range from the low cost budget tyres through to premium tyres with superior landing performance, traction and penetration resistance. Many general aviation aircraft will spend extended periods stored outside where ozone deterioration or weather checking can degrade the tyre rubber. Certain tyre lines however, such as the Goodyear Flight Custom and the Michelin Air have greater ozone resistance built in to delay the onset.

In many ways the cost of a tyre will not always represent it’s value, this depends greatly on which tyre is selected against it’s intended use. An apparently expensive tyre can deliver enough landings per tread to produce the lowest cost per landing, an important consideration especially for flight school operations.

For more information on any tyre please contact us for specific manufacturer’s brochures which are available upon request.

Business & Corporate aircraft Tyres

Rivandell Aviation maintain a full and complete range of makes and sizes for all Corporate and Business Aircraft from King Airs to Gulfstreams.

Whilst some business aircraft have as many as three makes of tyres approved by the airframe manufacturer others have just one, making availability critical and the choice of supplier vital. It is often uneconomic for Corporate Flight departments to maintain large quantities of spare built up wheels and so Rivandell Aviation maintain large inventories to ensure immediate despatch and keep your aircraft downtime to a minimum.

For more information on any tyre please contact us for specific manufacturer’s brochures which are available upon request.


14.5×5.5R6 16×4.4 16×4.4R8 17.5×5.75-8
18×4.25-10 18×5.5 18×5.75-8 18xz4.4
19.5×6.75-8 21×7.25-10 22×5.75-12 22×6.50-10
22×7.75-10 22×8.00-10 23.5X8.0R12 23×7.00-12
24×7.7 25.75×6.75-14 26×6.6 26×6.6R14
26×6.75-14 29X7.7R15 34×9.25-16 B24x9.5-10.5
H19.5×6.75-10 H22x8.25-10 H26.5×8.0-14 H27x8.5-14
H34x9.25-18 H35x11.0-18 H38x12.0-19


For airline operations choosing the right tyre is critical to ensure the greatest value is consistently achieved. Whilst some aircraft are approved to use just one part number others have approval for many. With more than 5 years experience in aircraft tyres, Rivandell Aviation can provide fully independent advice on how best to secure this value.

Whilst initial cost is always a factor the performance of the tyre in service and how this relates to the number of wheel overhauls can dramatically alter the overall costs.

By using Rivandell Aviation to manage the tyre pool airline operators can benefit from:

  • Large ‘off site’ stocks of new and retreaded tyres
  • Reduced ‘on site’ stock saving warehousing space
  • Fast delivery
  • Independent advice
  • Wide experience
  • Single Unit Price and Cost Per Landing options

For more information on any tyre please contact us for specific manufacturer’s
brochures which are available upon request.




Rivandell Aviation maintains a full range of makes and sizes for all types of helicopters including those for Eurocopters, Sikorsky, Agusta and Bell, as well as tyres for the ground handling units.
Commonly Stocked Helicopter Tyres
615×225-10 14x5x5.5-6 330×130-4 355×150-4 5.00-4
6.00-6 15×6.00-6 380×150-6 19.5×6.75-8 8.50-10
18×5.5 4.10/3.5-6 7.00-6 5.00-5 6.50-10

Hard To Find Sizes

Many vintage as well as many not so vintage aircraft do encounter problems in locating the original tyres and tubes. Where possible long term storage of such sizes are carried for future use and in some cases we are able to offer suitable alternatives. Tail wheel tyres can often be the most difficult items to locate, however, smooth, ribbed, saw tooth, channel and twin contact designs remain available in certain sizes.

The standard ribbed tread pattern of the aircraft tyre has been altered for various applications over the years and some of the more unusual include the Dimple design for use on tundra and the block tread used on many Spitfires.

Metric sizes are widely used for many continental aircraft including Rallyes, Jodels, Robins and Yaks.

The Rib pattern is the most commonly used tyre in aviation, below are some of the more unusual tread types

Block tread
Diamond Tread

Smooth Tread

Block Tread

Diamond Tread

Channel Tread
Twin Contact
Dimple Tread

Channel Tread

Twin Contact

Dimple Tread



Most tyres for Regional, Commuter and Airline aircraft will be retreadable and can, depending on size, provide very considerable cost savings with numerous retread levels being achieved.

Worn casings received by Rivandell Aviation are despatched to various European retread plants operated by new tyre manufacturers such as Goodyear. Each casing undergoes non destructive inspection at various points during the process including Holography and Shearography and following successful inspection, production and testing, is returned with an EASA Form One Certificate.

The combination of new and retread tyre storage allows Watts Aviation to provide a complete and independent airline service providing the very best of all that is available. Single Unit Price (SUP) and Cost Per Landing (CPL) programmes are also available to maximise efficiencies and reduce operator investment and cost.

Most retreading is carried out on the basis of customer supplied worn casings but from time to time retreaded tyres do become available on an outright purchase basis – please call for availability.